20 November 2009

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13 November 2009

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12 November 2009


American Idol (Nov 09)
Oh! Henry (Dec 09)
Japanese Mayo (Jan 10)
Cheerwine (Feb 10)

Freak Dance "Strikers All-Stars" (Principal Dancer) (Oct 09)
Due Date "Orderly" (Background) (Nov 09)

Universal Citywalk "Sillywalks for Hunger" (Rich and Tone Philanthropy)(Nov 09)
We Are Heroes @ Nokia Center (Quon 2009) (Dancer) (17 DEC 09)
Level III Nightclub (Strikers All-Stars) (Jan 10)
3rd Annual Boost Mobile Step Show (SAS) (Feb 10)

TV Shows:
Scrubs "Ham and Cheese" (Background) (Nov 09)
How I met Your Mother (Background) (Dec 09)
CSI New York (Background) (Jan 10)

Lil Wayne "Drop the World" (Feb 10)

Leukemia Add Campaign (Booked) (Jan 10)

Continually updated...

10 November 2009

Hollywood - In The City

For the last two weeks I've been in Hollywood living the dream. I did a movie, I had a performance, an audition for a commercial, and another audition today. I got Taft-Hartley'd through a SAG production. I've been working out, and taking dance classes. I am reliving my dancing days as a Striker...and....loving it! It still just amazes me and leaves me in awe from all the human hatred, I'm glad I'm still covered by a shield and bigger manifestation than human hatred. I've made a lot of friends out here, and see a bright future for myself. I just have to give it up to the LORD, it's crazy how blessed I am right now. So follow your heart kids, your mind will follow after that.

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