16 February 2011

Valentine's Day | Bartender

So I had my first official private bartending gig through my bartending school on Saturday. It was interesting because it was all Mexicans there, and they were bougie (oxymoronic right?) I felt like I should have been Dominican and changed my name to Carlos. In short, I had fun, it was cold, i wanted to dance, i ate, the hosts daughters were drunk, i swear i saw Colombian druglords there, and i got about $200+ in tips I split with my boy toeknee baloney whom bartended with me.

Pictures here: http://www.cyberomega.blogspot.com

15 February 2011

BEP "Pea Pod" | Ciara Performance

I performed with international superstar Ciara for the fourth time last week! (video shoot, ellen show, lopez tonight, BEP event) I almost feel like I can call myself a "Ciara Dancer", I would like to tour with her, that would be AWESOMENESS SQUARED!...So yeah, gaze upon the fan video posted to the left. LATERZ!

02 February 2011

Lopez Tonight

I, along with the Strikers All Stars performed with Ciara back in December of 2010, and they asked us back to do a skit for Lopez's twitter responses!

Find it on the tube | youtube.com/thestrikersallstars
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