27 December 2009

We Are Heroes Performance (Red Polo)

26 December 2009

Sillywalks for Hunger (Nerd Outfit)

19 December 2009

Quon's Classes (Gray Tank, Purple Shirt)

04 December 2009

Momentous Friendship

"Momentous Friendship"
--Cyrah Hawkins 13-07-Up Psi

Somebody said it couldn't be done
and he with a chuckle replied...
I've road-tripped with oil, black as the pits
And got thunder-clapped til I died

A crust of bread a corner to sleep in
Risked all my winnings, with tale the chef
A minute to smile an hour to weep in
And pledged the Psi Phi, I mean the TF

I've fallen and failed, and fell still fighting
Crossing the chasm, in twilight dim
But running from it... did not even save me
My future possessed no light, it was grim

You fool you fled the filled the forgave
That minute with sixty seconds in it
You took my pint, I took your peck
With clubs, but spades forbid it

You winced and winced and cried aloud
With the circumstance you were given
Your head and body was bloody and bloody
You flat-lined but you were still living

Somebody said you couldn't do it
And neither could I but we tried
And now we're here in Omega Psi Phi
So Somebody obviously lied

I took 4 for "E" took 4 17
Took 8 from 70s 80s
I endured the haze from 90s 2000s
For hazing Sorority Ladies

Pledging is bitter, but bares sweet fruit
And we all chose to plant our seeds
Now without a care, the comradery's there
And we're LBs everyone needs...

Momentous 17 - 13 APR 2007 - 0539:17
Mighty Melodic Bloody UP Upsilon Psi - FAMU

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