30 September 2011

National Commercial

Its my first national commercial of the year! Its with Nissan, that's all I can say. It should be airing around the holiday season. @CyrahOmega

29 September 2011

Safe House

I play a Marine in this movie called Safe House. I frisk Tobin Frost. Tobin Frost is Denzel Washington. This movie comes out in 2012. Zel is amazing, he was acting, directing and ad-libbing simultaneously. @CyrahOmega

05 September 2011


Special shoutouts to my kids at Propel Schools in Pittsburgh, PA. I'll be back soon! Mariah (Bubbles), Alexie (Buttercup), Aleata (Blossom), Ty'Asia (Starburst), Stacha (Sour Patch), Ranaja (Sunshine), Ronald (Ghandi), Mykasia (Hawkgirl), Danielle (Starbucks), Shane (Poindexter), Amari (Scooby Doo), Arlo (Optimus Prime), Will (Pooch), Elaine (Wu-Tang), Nick (Chuck), and My Special Assistant Aniya (Peppers)!

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