16 December 2010

Ciara "Gimme Dat" | Dancers | Lopez Tonight | 16 DEC 2010

Let me tell you, Ciara is a magical being. This is a list a adjectives for her: focused, energetic, spiritual, funny, beautiful, intellectual, etc....She is really a VIBRANT artist to be around. Any rumors you heard about her are totally falsified through this blog entry, I'm claiming it lol. I mean being around her while she was in work mode was fabulous, we even had a conversation about ATL and High School (She went to Henderson, and I went to SWD). I mean who does that? What artists shoots the shit with a lowly backup dancer lol, but nah she is genuinely a kindred spirit and I wish her the best. Check out the blog section of strikersallstars.com for video footage of me performing with her, and some group photos! #HOOAH #ROO #OHLEHDOIT #SPLACKSPLACK

15 December 2010

Ellen Degeneres Show @Ciara

I'm performing on the Ellen Show with Ciara today (12-15-10)  be sure to tune in 11 am East Coast 4 pm West Coast! "Gimme Dat!"

24 November 2010

Nickelodeon Victorious

Working on the set of victorious was awesome! 30 dancers performing to Jackson 5's one more chance, choreographer Chuck Maldonado dropped magnificent routines to the music. Legendary dancers like Lyle Beniga, Theresa Pena, and Legacy from SYTYCD were also performing. Tori and the rest of her cast were fun 17 year olds who were laughing with us on set the wnghole time, we might have gotten them into trouble lol! Signing off...
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11 November 2010

Stomp the Yard: Homecoming Promo

I recently ventured to Ft. Bliss Tx to promote the feature film "Stomp the Yard:Homecoming". Myself, along with 7 other dancers; Black Thomas, Tyler Nelson, Kevin Harris, and Strikers All Stars electrified generals, colonels, and civilians on the base for the grand opening of the post exchange. It was an awesome exp. Choreography by Chuck Maldonado. Read more here:

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31 October 2010

FAMU Homecoming 2010 recap

In the highest of seven hills, Florida A&M University in Tallahassee Florida, holds an annual week of events that brings back alumni of the university and amplifies "Rattler Spirit". I was in attendance for this years festivities and I was flabbergasted to say the least. Free entry into events, complimentary tickets to concerts, and seeing those that I attended school with were all great things, but the greatest thing was being around my fraternity brothers of Omega Psi Phi fraternity Inc. Upsilon Psi chapter. FAMU is the #1 HBCU in the world and this homecoming I got the #1 experience...HOMECOMING! Happy homecoming ratters!

21 October 2010


Cyrah Hawkins, hailing from Atlanta Georgia, is a graduate of Florida A&M University with bachelor's degree in Criminology. Cyrah has been working in Hollywood since October 2009 as a professional dancer and actor, some of his major credits include: Honey 2, Scrubs, Due Date, and Nickleodean's Fresh Beat Band to name a few. Cyrah is also a member of the world renowned Strikers All Stars (MTV's ABDC Season 3), and competed on Season 5 of NBC's "America's Got Talent" and made it to the semi-final round. Most recently he and the crew are featured on Ciara's "Gimme Dat" music video. Being a part of the "Stomp The Yard: Homecoming" movement means a lot to him as he has stepped and stomped his way through college and has been breaking the modern day stereotypes of the "young black man". Cyrah Hawkins is a proud member of the Screen Actors Guild of America (SAG), the American Federation of Television and Radio Actors (AFTRA), and Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc.

13 October 2010

Ciara "Gimme Dat" - Dancer

05 October 2010

By Limitless Entity

Within the last two months, Cyrah Hawkins has been fortunate enough to actively participate in some memorable events such as the Nike World Basketball Festival that occurred on August 23rd, 2010 at Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan, NY.  He performed as a dancer/stepper who worked alongside renowned choreographer Chuck Maldonado (the King of Step) and artistic director Marlene Clayman.  All-Star basketball players such as Lamar Odom and Rajan Rondo were in attendance for this event which was streamed live on facebook as well as ESPN2.
            On September 1st, 2010 he met Paula Abdul to present choreography for her the pilot of her TV dance show at Alley Kat Studios in Los Angeles, CA.  Paula definitely enjoyed the performance alongside choreographers for Michael Jackson.  Cyrah’s group member’s Otheus Manuel and Edwin Bennett of the Strikers All-Stars were also in attendance.  They had great conversations with Paula and learned a lot from her regarding dance and choreography.
            Cyrah was able to participate in another pilot docu-series entitled "Flashmob" by Napolean & Tabitha better known as "NappyTabs" for FOX network which features Howie Mandel, on September 12, 2010.  He was dressed up as a Chef, alongside five other Strikers, and caught mall patrons off guard when they began stepping.
            During the Nickelodean Fresh Beat Band Season finale on September 24, 2010, Cyrah was a principal dancer and stepper.  He was able to gain more expertise in step choreography by working with Chuck Maldonado.  He did this by learning new step routines which further perfected his craft. By booking this job, it allowed Cyrah to join The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA). Cyrah was also able to work with some of today’s best dancers of which were also showcased in “Stomp the Yard” and “Step Up” movie series.  For Cyrah it’s very important to learn and progress as a dancer and choreographer and through his recent events he has been able to do just that! Be sure to look out for Cyrah featured in HOT new music video by a recording artist from HOTLANTA!

04 October 2010

Screen Actors Guild

The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) is an American labor union representing over 200,000 film and television principal performers and background performers worldwide. According to SAG's Mission Statement, the Guild seeks to: negotiate and enforce collective bargaining agreements that establish equitable levels of compensation, benefits, and working conditions for its performers; collect compensation for exploitation of recorded performances by its members, and provide protection against unauthorized use of those performances; and preserve and expand work opportunities for its members.

03 October 2010

16 September 2010

THE EVƎNT - Series Premiere Sept 20th 9/8c NBC

THE EVƎNT - Series Premiere Sept 20th 9/8c NBC
I photo doubled for Blair Underwood in this new NBC show!

19 August 2010

Cyrah Hawkins [TV Reel]

Be sure to search my new TV Reel on youtube.com!

31 July 2010

NYC Here I Come!

During the dates of August 8th - August 13th I will be visiting New York City. During my first two visits (back in 2006 for 106th & Park) I enjoyed my stay in Manhattan. This time around I am visiting for a Nike Industrial Job. My plane ticket was a CRAZY price though! Like $750.00 (thank GOD for good fraternity brothers). The Nike job will have a lot of skillful dancers and steppers in it under the direction of Chuck Maldonado, and I am privilaged to be amongst them. I won't devulge any pertinent info for the gig yet but uhhhhh can you say LEBRON JAMES? lol peace&blessings
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The America's Got Talent Exp.

After two of the most viewed episodes of NBC's AGT [Chicago Auditions and Week 4 of Top 48] sadly it came to an end with me and my crew The Strikers All-Stars. I had a good experince on set and met a lot of talented people. The sheer experince of being around the cameras, working with 5 star choreographers, and getting multiple interviews increased my hollywood metabolism by 12 points (100 point scale). Due to copyright laws I can't post my AGT videos, but you can find them on youtube by searching "Strikers AGT". In the midst of us hanging out on set, I was drinking a sprite and made a random lil sample for everyone, enjoy!

Universal Studios Hollywood

I am currently seeking this gig at Universal Studios Hollywood for Halloween Horror Nights. The role would be "funny black guy" for the stageplay "Bill and Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure". I did a parody of the Old Spice guy and my chances are pretty good. Hopefully it works out.

11 July 2010

BZ Community Class- Strikers Allstars (trio)

09 July 2010

I made the top 48!

I Made Top 48 - America's Got Talent

29 June 2010

Strikers All Stars, 22-26 ~ America's Got Talent 2010, auditions Chicago

Go here to see it! - CLICK ME

03 June 2010

Stay Tuned!

24 April 2010

My CHEERWINE Commercial - Dancing Bear

22 April 2010

Strikers All★Stars Demo Reel

My BIGFOOT Commercial

11 April 2010

Nindo Spoof

Otaku Battle Spoof

Stikers All Stars

Strikers All Stars perform at Superstar Basketball from Superstar Basketball on Vimeo.

29 March 2010

Cyrah Hawkins Talent Reel

27 March 2010

Cyrah's Car has Arrived from Atlanta!

UNICEF Performance - 25 MAR 2010

22 March 2010

Strikers All-Stars...Stay Tuned!

20 March 2010

Updates Coming Soon!

Pictures, design, video, calendar, all coming sooner than ya'll think!

08 March 2010

Twitter Adept

Effortless Operant

Mr. Facebook

March Shoot

07 March 2010

Ryan Morand

Carmen Richard

21 February 2010

17 February 2010

My 26th Birthday SOiREE!

14 February 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Remember on Valentine's Day 2010 that the ultimate Love is the eternal gift of God's love!

10 February 2010

My 1st Commercial (12 seconds in)

05 February 2010

Malibu HD Commercial

The homies Natalia and Elena from Moscow. HD commercial shoot. 3 FEB 2010, Malibu CA.

01 February 2010

The Father of Black History!

Harold K. Thomas, the eighth Grand Basileus, was elected at the 1920 Nashville Grand Conclave. It was at this Conclave that Carter G. Woodson inspired the establishment of National Achievement Week to promote the study of Negro life and history. The 1921 Atlanta Grand Conclave brought to an end the first decade of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity.

29 January 2010

29 JAN 2010 - Lvl 3- @StrkrsAllStars

27 January 2010

Scrubs (Season 9 : Ep. 11 "1:59")

25 January 2010

3000 Calorie Athletic Diet

Information for Active People

3000 Calorie Athletic Diet

Sample 3000 Calorie Intake: This level of food intake is sufficient to meet the energy and carbohydrate needs of a moderately active athlete weighing about 170 pounds

Orange Juice (1 Cup)
Strawberries (1 Cup)
Whole Wheat Total (1 Cup)
Almond Milk (1 Cup)
Roll (1 Roll)
Margarine (1 tsp)
Jam-strawberry (1 tbsp)
Breakfast Subtotals (18% of total kcal)

Mid-AM Snack
Bagel, plain (1 bagel)
Margarine (1 tsp)
Jams and Preserves (1 tbsp)
Gatorade (16 ounces)
Mid-AM Snack Subtotals (11% of Total kcal)

Turkey -for sandwich (2 slices)
Bread-for sandwich (2 slices)
Lettuce-for sandwich (1 leaf)
Mayonnaise-for sandwich (1 tbsp)
Cranberry juice (1 cup)
Apple (1 medium apple)
Potato Salad (1/3 cup)
Lunch Subtotals (25 % of Total Calories)

Mid-PM Snack
Pretzels (3 Dutch Type)
Gatorade (16 Ounces)
Grapes (1/2 cup)
Mid-PM snack Subtotals (13 % of Total Calories)

Chicken Chow Mein (1.5 Cups)
Rice, white (1 cup)
Tea (6 oz)
Orange (1 orange)
Dinner Subtotals (21% of Total Calories)

Evening Snack
Banana (1 banana)
Cheese, cheddar (2 oz)
Graham Crackers (2 full squares )
Gatorade ( 8 ounces)
Evening Snack Subtotals (13% of Total Calories)

Mid-Winter Schedule (Tentative)

Tentative Schedule:

Jan 25th - Feb 17th - Hollywood CA
"Regular grizzy"

Feb 18th - Feb 21st - Tallahassee FL
"Choreo w/ Quon to the FAMU Strikers"

Feb 22nd - March 3rd - Atlanta GA
"Gigs and visit family"

March 4th - March 7th - ???
"Bday vacation"

21 January 2010

Boost Mobile Promo (@StrkrsAllStars)

My crew will be performing at a HS Step Show sponsored by Boost Mobile, Feb. 20th @ Pasadena City College. See you there!

19 January 2010

Leukemia Add Campaign (Coach Cyrah)

This was a direct booking where I coached kids, ran drills, and gave em plays. Their age ranged from 10-13. Alot of them were very articulate, and I also met Angie & Myles Brown who is an 11 year old phenom who toured with Chris Brown.

Japanese Mayo Commercial (Itadakimasu!)

This was a direct booking where 15 X-Footabll athletes campaigned for a Jap Mayo commercial. One of the players included Glen who played in the league for 7 years with the Oilers and the Bears, turned out he knew my homie from Notre Dame QB, they both played FS too (Small world).

08 January 2010

Many thanks!

Thank you all so much for visiting and leaving so much feedback! The purpose of my website is to provide inspiration for those that want to follow their dreams in life like I am. My advice to you all, is to simply "get out and do it", hence the quote on my intro page. If you have any questions for me personally, and would like to know anything pertaining to me, I have ALL of my contact information throughout the website. Enjoy! Hit me up!

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