29 January 2010

29 JAN 2010 - Lvl 3- @StrkrsAllStars

27 January 2010

Scrubs (Season 9 : Ep. 11 "1:59")

25 January 2010

3000 Calorie Athletic Diet

Information for Active People

3000 Calorie Athletic Diet

Sample 3000 Calorie Intake: This level of food intake is sufficient to meet the energy and carbohydrate needs of a moderately active athlete weighing about 170 pounds

Orange Juice (1 Cup)
Strawberries (1 Cup)
Whole Wheat Total (1 Cup)
Almond Milk (1 Cup)
Roll (1 Roll)
Margarine (1 tsp)
Jam-strawberry (1 tbsp)
Breakfast Subtotals (18% of total kcal)

Mid-AM Snack
Bagel, plain (1 bagel)
Margarine (1 tsp)
Jams and Preserves (1 tbsp)
Gatorade (16 ounces)
Mid-AM Snack Subtotals (11% of Total kcal)

Turkey -for sandwich (2 slices)
Bread-for sandwich (2 slices)
Lettuce-for sandwich (1 leaf)
Mayonnaise-for sandwich (1 tbsp)
Cranberry juice (1 cup)
Apple (1 medium apple)
Potato Salad (1/3 cup)
Lunch Subtotals (25 % of Total Calories)

Mid-PM Snack
Pretzels (3 Dutch Type)
Gatorade (16 Ounces)
Grapes (1/2 cup)
Mid-PM snack Subtotals (13 % of Total Calories)

Chicken Chow Mein (1.5 Cups)
Rice, white (1 cup)
Tea (6 oz)
Orange (1 orange)
Dinner Subtotals (21% of Total Calories)

Evening Snack
Banana (1 banana)
Cheese, cheddar (2 oz)
Graham Crackers (2 full squares )
Gatorade ( 8 ounces)
Evening Snack Subtotals (13% of Total Calories)

Mid-Winter Schedule (Tentative)

Tentative Schedule:

Jan 25th - Feb 17th - Hollywood CA
"Regular grizzy"

Feb 18th - Feb 21st - Tallahassee FL
"Choreo w/ Quon to the FAMU Strikers"

Feb 22nd - March 3rd - Atlanta GA
"Gigs and visit family"

March 4th - March 7th - ???
"Bday vacation"

21 January 2010

Boost Mobile Promo (@StrkrsAllStars)

My crew will be performing at a HS Step Show sponsored by Boost Mobile, Feb. 20th @ Pasadena City College. See you there!

19 January 2010

Leukemia Add Campaign (Coach Cyrah)

This was a direct booking where I coached kids, ran drills, and gave em plays. Their age ranged from 10-13. Alot of them were very articulate, and I also met Angie & Myles Brown who is an 11 year old phenom who toured with Chris Brown.

Japanese Mayo Commercial (Itadakimasu!)

This was a direct booking where 15 X-Footabll athletes campaigned for a Jap Mayo commercial. One of the players included Glen who played in the league for 7 years with the Oilers and the Bears, turned out he knew my homie from Notre Dame QB, they both played FS too (Small world).

08 January 2010

Many thanks!

Thank you all so much for visiting and leaving so much feedback! The purpose of my website is to provide inspiration for those that want to follow their dreams in life like I am. My advice to you all, is to simply "get out and do it", hence the quote on my intro page. If you have any questions for me personally, and would like to know anything pertaining to me, I have ALL of my contact information throughout the website. Enjoy! Hit me up!

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