30 November 2011

My New Reel

Well....it's here!

26 November 2011

Hip-Hop Weekly Magazine "Net Guy"

I'm on page 76 of Hip-Hop Weekly Magazine's November issue, it's a spread of me modeling. Enjoy!

My Spread on Facebook

11 November 2011

Black Belt Hawkins

Check out my new video "Black Belt Hawkins" on vimeo or youtube! Or right here!

12 October 2011


Worked on the show Whitney today 11 OCT 11. It was fun, she's down to Earth and funny. I wanted to play a bartender but I got to work the set as a "Mason House Patron". Well I'm in acting classes now so the speaking roles are coming...@CyrahOmega

30 September 2011

National Commercial

Its my first national commercial of the year! Its with Nissan, that's all I can say. It should be airing around the holiday season. @CyrahOmega

29 September 2011

Safe House

I play a Marine in this movie called Safe House. I frisk Tobin Frost. Tobin Frost is Denzel Washington. This movie comes out in 2012. Zel is amazing, he was acting, directing and ad-libbing simultaneously. @CyrahOmega

05 September 2011


Special shoutouts to my kids at Propel Schools in Pittsburgh, PA. I'll be back soon! Mariah (Bubbles), Alexie (Buttercup), Aleata (Blossom), Ty'Asia (Starburst), Stacha (Sour Patch), Ranaja (Sunshine), Ronald (Ghandi), Mykasia (Hawkgirl), Danielle (Starbucks), Shane (Poindexter), Amari (Scooby Doo), Arlo (Optimus Prime), Will (Pooch), Elaine (Wu-Tang), Nick (Chuck), and My Special Assistant Aniya (Peppers)!

26 August 2011

Louie CK "Duckling"

I'm one of the soldiers on Louie's new episode on FOX. Watch me uuuwwwaaahhh

21 August 2011

Bartending Tweet

This is what bartending looks like •••®©•••

08 August 2011

Gang Violence

I am totally against gang violence or anything remotely related to the said topic. Gang violence died with the 90s. I mean it's 2011, we have an African-American POTUS, and yet we still find a way to let our hatred consume us. I think gang violence is a cop out, a cop out of responsibilities, a cop out of reality, and a cop out of being your own man. If somebody was really a gangster and wanted to fight and shoot the enemy, join the armed forces HOOAH, let's see how gangster thou art down range and in the suck. Another solution I have, is before gangs or any organized group of people want to face off and shoot each other or assert massive physical harm, just pick the two leaders or the two stingest men, "Troy style" (Achilles v. Boagrius), and let the winner of that brawl be the deciding factor. #foodforthought

05 August 2011

30 Day Training

Just completed my 30 day training at Ft. Lewis WA. Back to LA I go. Have a lot of interesting bookings lined up. Be prepared! Also check me out in Nickelodeon's show Victorious. The episode is called "Locked Up". I play a prisoner who dances, looks handsome, and has on purple chucks lol. S/O to Chuck Maldonado!

1000 abs

The Workout
-This workout is complete after 2 sets. One rotation is 500abs.
-Warm up: 30 min Cycle Bike (Own Pace).
-There is a 30-45 sec rest between every drill.
-"In Cadence" means "1" is counting "1,2,3,1"

50x "Sit-Ups"Level of Difficulty = Moderate
  • Position feet under something heavy.
  • Go all the way up and use stomach to go down, don't just fall back.

100x "Crunches"
Level of Difficulty = Moderate
  • Keep chin upward.
  • Keep nose towards ceiling.

50x "Up Downs" (In Cadence)

Level of Difficulty = Easy
  • Bend your back and touch your toes.
  • Unbend and touch your chest.
  • Lift your arms in the air.
  • Touch your chest again and that is "1".

50x "4 Count Burpie" (In Cadence)
Level of Difficulty = Hard

  • Get in "a frog's stance".
  • Kick your legs out into a push-up position.
  • Pull your legs back in, going back into a frog's position.
  • Stand up and that is "1".

50x "Baseball Drills" (Partner Assisted)
Level of Difficulty = Hard

  • Lay on your back.
  • Lift your legs upward so that they're vertical in the air.
  • Don't bend the knees.
  • Thrust your legs down to 6 inches.
  • Raise them back up and that is "1".

50 Flutter Kicks (In Cadence)Level of Difficulty = Moderate
  • Lay on back.
  • Place palms facing down on the ground under the buttocks.
  • Point your toes.
  • Count 1,2,3 and that is "1".
50 seconds of 6 inches (Or until it hurts)Level of Difficulty =Moderate
  • Keep the palms under the buttocks.
  • Go straight into this after the flutter kicks, no rest ;)

50 Iron MikesLevel of Difficulty = Easy
  • Stand.
  • Hands behind head.
  • Feet shoulder width.
  • Raise left knee to right elbow.
  • Simultaneously dropping right elbow to left knee.
  • Raise right knee to left elbow.
  • Simultaneously dropping left elbow to right knee.
  • That's "1".

50 ObliquesLevel of Difficulty =Easy
  • Side crunches.
  • 25 on the right.
  • 35 on the left.

Suck down some H2O

Alternates: (In case baseball drills and 4 count burpies are too hard on the 2nd set)
The Mountain Climber
The Rower
The Prone Row
Warm Down: 15 min Cycle Bike
DONE (^_^)

Protein Shake Recipe

2 scoops of your favorite vanilla flavored protein powder.
12 oz. unsweetened vanilla almond breeze almond milk.
Dash of ground cinnamon.
Shake, aggravate or agitate, or blend. Viola!

12 July 2011

Omega Centennial

Question: When is the Centennial Celebration?
Answer: Wednesday, July 27 - Sunday, July 31, 2011

Question: Where will the Centennial Celebration be held?
Answer: Washington, DC

Unfortunately I will not be able to celebrate with the brothers in DC because will be in Washington the state at Ft. Lewis doing my duty that is best, my military service. However I will be ALL THE WAY OWT on Nov. 17 2011 FOUNDER'S DAY, to celebrate with the bruhs. Unless I'm shooting a movie (^_^)

Omega Psi Phi Founders

Ernest E. Just

Dr. Ernest E. Just (1883-1941)

Ernest E. Just was born in Charleston, South Carolina.
Graduated from the Industrial School of the State College, Orangeburg, South Carolina.
Kimball Union Academy, Meriden, New Hampshire
Bachelor of Arts Degree, Dartmouth College (Phi Beta Kappa)
Awarded the Spingarn Medal by the NAACP, 1915
Doctor of Philosophy Degree, University of Chicago, 1916
Became the 19th honoree in the U.S. Postal Service's Black Heritage Stamp Series on February 1, 1996.

Frank Coleman

Professor Frank Coleman (1890-1967)

Frank Coleman was born in Washington, D.C.
Graduated from the M Street High School, Washington, D.C.
Bachelor of Science Degree, Howard University, 1913
Master of Science Degree, University of Chicago
Advanced Training, University of Pennsylvania
Professor and head of the Physics Department, Howard University
U.S. Army Officer, World War I

Oscar J. Cooper

Dr. Oscar J. Cooper (1888-1972)

Oscar J. Cooper was born in Washington, D.C.
Graduated from the M Street High School, Washington, D.C.
Bachelor of Science Degree, Howard University, 1913 Doctor of Medicine Degree, Howard University, 1917
Practiced medicine in Philadelphia, PA for 50 years

Edgar A. Love

Bishop Edgar A. Love (1891-1974)

Edgar A. Love was born in Harrisburg, Virginia
Graduated from the Academy of Morgan College
Bachelor of Arts Degree, Howard University, 1913
Bachelor of Divinity Degree, Howard University, 1916
Bachelor of Sacred Theology Degree, Boston University, 1918
Doctor of Divinity Degree (Honorary), Morgan College, 1935
U.S. Army Chaplain, World War I
Bishop, Methodist Church
Omega has a rich heritage to be protected, celebrated and enhanced!

Omega FAQs

Q. What is a fraternity?
A. A fraternity is an organization of men bound together by friendship, knowledge, brotherhood, common goals and aspirations. Omega Psi Phi is a unique group of men that encourage high standards; community service and assist in the building of character and leadership development among men. Members of Omega share a common foundation comradeship that last a lifetime.

Q. What are the advantages of joining Omega Psi Phi?
A. Omega Psi Phi does not seek members; quality men seek Omega Psi Phi. A man who successfully completes the membership selection process will immediately have access to a brotherhood of men who share similar ideals and aspirations. Those who seek admission will learn the history of the fraternity from a historical perspective, written test and personal accounts.

Successful applicants will have a strong presence at the college, university or graduate chapter where they gain admission, but he will also become a part of an international organization known worldwide.

Omega Psi Phi has more than 700 chapters with members engaged in various academic disciplines and professional endeavors.

Q. What is the policy on hazing?
Omega Psi Phi Fraternity does not condone hazing in any form.

The organizations of the National Pan-Hellenic Council, Inc. (NPHC) are committed to nurturing the ideals of fraternalism and sisterhood in an atmosphere of responsibility and respect. We are also committed to upholding the dignity and self-respect of all persons seeking membership therein. Hazing is contrary to this commitment and is prohibited by the rules of each NPHC organization.

In 1990, the member organizations of the NPHC jointly agreed to disband pledging as a form of admission. At the dawn of a new millennium, we the members of the National Pan-Hellenic Council do hereby reaffirm our unequivocal opposition to hazing and those who seek to perpetuate it. Read Our Anti-Hazing statement here

Q. Do you have to pay to become a member of Omega Psi Phi?
There is an application fee for men who seek consideration for membership. The dues are applied to local, district and national operating expenses. A portion of the collected dues are allocated for community service, social functions and nationally mandated projects.

Q. How much time is required?
Chapter members typically attend monthly meetings and participate in committee assignments. Beyond these obligations the time commitment that one chooses to invest in the organization is at their own discretion. The majority of members enjoy the comradeship and they are eager to participate in chapter functions, fellowship with the brotherhood and become officers and accept committee assignments.

Clearly, members will get out the fraternal association as much as they invest.

Q. I'm interested in becoming an Omega Man, how do I go about joining?
The first thing an interested man should do who seeks admission into Omega is to get acquainted with the men who are already members of Omega Psi Phi. A candidate should inquire to an active member how the fraternity has served them, and also, how the active member has served Omega. Successful candidates should possess the principles of Manhood, Scholarship, Perseverance and Uplift.

Community service should be an important element of the resume and the successful candidate must be able to obtain a character reference from an active member of Omega Psi Phi to sponsor the applicant's request for membership.

Undergraduate candidates must also meet academics standards set by the International organization and the academic institution where they are enrolled.

22 June 2011


This is one of my favorite hobbies...Every time I get behind a bar it's natural.

03 June 2011

Nike Industrial | Portland, OR

1 JUN 2011

What's up tweeple? I did my 5th Nike Industrial performace at the Tiger Woods Nike Center. This specific performance was extra exhilarating because we had a a super amount of dancers and models. Also we got to showcase alot more of what I do. STEP! We also got to visit the Nike emp store where everything is half off, so we got to indulge ourselves as well. The next time you see me might be in a Nike commercial! Stand by! @CyrahOmega

05 May 2011

Propel Schools - Pittsburgh, PA

Myself, along with Tallie L. Brinson III of the Strikers All-Stars in conjunction with Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. are teaching dance to underprivilaged high school students in Pittsburgh PA May 2 - May 6, with a grand performance on May 7th at the Kaufmann Theatre. We have a total of 16 students who are very talented and very interested in dance and the performing arts. Dance styles that they are learning include, Step, Hip-Hop, Poppin', Lockin, Modern, Comtemporary, and different trending dance styles. Their age range is from 14-19. If you are in the Pittsburgh area, doors open at 600pm, showtime is at 630pm, and we will conclude at 8pm. Hasta luego!

18 April 2011

Nike Leadership Conf.

Today, a splendid group of dancers comprised of Myself, 3 of the Strikers All-Stars and 3 Que Dogs from Alabama State Univ.performed in Birmingham AL at the BJCC for Nike. We SMMASSSHHHED the show! I'll post the footage on my facebook and youtube channel. Ja Ne!

14 April 2011

Japan | MJ Tribute Concert

I visited my dreamworld country Japan for the first time from 4.8.11-4.13.11. It was amazing. The first couple of night in Tokyo were amazing, I went to Harajuku street & Shibuya and spent about ¥ 30000 on trinkets and keepsakes from small shops and peddlers. The next part of the trip was brewed with rehearsals and the monstrous performance at the Kobe World Hall, in Kobe Japan. Amazing experience, amazing people, uncanny performance. Check my facebook link below for pictures! Ja Ne!

07 March 2011

Airborne Toxic Event | "Changing"

Check out my latest work! Super hot music video "Changing" by the Airborne Toxic Event, feat. Strikers All-Stars!

16 February 2011

Valentine's Day | Bartender

So I had my first official private bartending gig through my bartending school on Saturday. It was interesting because it was all Mexicans there, and they were bougie (oxymoronic right?) I felt like I should have been Dominican and changed my name to Carlos. In short, I had fun, it was cold, i wanted to dance, i ate, the hosts daughters were drunk, i swear i saw Colombian druglords there, and i got about $200+ in tips I split with my boy toeknee baloney whom bartended with me.

Pictures here: http://www.cyberomega.blogspot.com

15 February 2011

BEP "Pea Pod" | Ciara Performance

I performed with international superstar Ciara for the fourth time last week! (video shoot, ellen show, lopez tonight, BEP event) I almost feel like I can call myself a "Ciara Dancer", I would like to tour with her, that would be AWESOMENESS SQUARED!...So yeah, gaze upon the fan video posted to the left. LATERZ!

02 February 2011

Lopez Tonight

I, along with the Strikers All Stars performed with Ciara back in December of 2010, and they asked us back to do a skit for Lopez's twitter responses!

Find it on the tube | youtube.com/thestrikersallstars
Follow me on twitter: @CyrahOmega

20 January 2011

Black College Expo - LA

9 JAN 2011

Myself, along with some of my bros. (Strikers All-Stars) attended the annual Black College Expo at Staples Center in Los Angeles. The venue was flooded with teenagers hungry for college information. We set up shop right next to the FAMU booth (the most prestigious booth there). We answered questions and demonstrated a couple steps to about 100 interested incoming freshmen for fall 11. Next year we plan to set up our own booth and perform a miniature step show and show them how its done!

Airborne Toxic Event

17 JAN 2011

I, along with some of my family (The Strikers All-Stars) shot a music video for an incredible rock band called "The Airborne Toxic Event". Be ready for some large stunts as well as 60s style lindy hop dancing, and of course STEP! I recently took up Bartending school, and I actually got to play a bartender in the video while simultaneously setting the bass of the rhythm and hopping over the counter to start the dancing routine. Be ready!

03 January 2011

Happy 2011!

This year is going to be beyond awesome! A lot of events are happening! Stay tuned!
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