31 July 2010

NYC Here I Come!

During the dates of August 8th - August 13th I will be visiting New York City. During my first two visits (back in 2006 for 106th & Park) I enjoyed my stay in Manhattan. This time around I am visiting for a Nike Industrial Job. My plane ticket was a CRAZY price though! Like $750.00 (thank GOD for good fraternity brothers). The Nike job will have a lot of skillful dancers and steppers in it under the direction of Chuck Maldonado, and I am privilaged to be amongst them. I won't devulge any pertinent info for the gig yet but uhhhhh can you say LEBRON JAMES? lol peace&blessings
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The America's Got Talent Exp.

After two of the most viewed episodes of NBC's AGT [Chicago Auditions and Week 4 of Top 48] sadly it came to an end with me and my crew The Strikers All-Stars. I had a good experince on set and met a lot of talented people. The sheer experince of being around the cameras, working with 5 star choreographers, and getting multiple interviews increased my hollywood metabolism by 12 points (100 point scale). Due to copyright laws I can't post my AGT videos, but you can find them on youtube by searching "Strikers AGT". In the midst of us hanging out on set, I was drinking a sprite and made a random lil sample for everyone, enjoy!

Universal Studios Hollywood

I am currently seeking this gig at Universal Studios Hollywood for Halloween Horror Nights. The role would be "funny black guy" for the stageplay "Bill and Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure". I did a parody of the Old Spice guy and my chances are pretty good. Hopefully it works out.

11 July 2010

BZ Community Class- Strikers Allstars (trio)

09 July 2010

I made the top 48!

I Made Top 48 - America's Got Talent

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