18 April 2011

Nike Leadership Conf.

Today, a splendid group of dancers comprised of Myself, 3 of the Strikers All-Stars and 3 Que Dogs from Alabama State Univ.performed in Birmingham AL at the BJCC for Nike. We SMMASSSHHHED the show! I'll post the footage on my facebook and youtube channel. Ja Ne!

14 April 2011

Japan | MJ Tribute Concert

I visited my dreamworld country Japan for the first time from 4.8.11-4.13.11. It was amazing. The first couple of night in Tokyo were amazing, I went to Harajuku street & Shibuya and spent about ¥ 30000 on trinkets and keepsakes from small shops and peddlers. The next part of the trip was brewed with rehearsals and the monstrous performance at the Kobe World Hall, in Kobe Japan. Amazing experience, amazing people, uncanny performance. Check my facebook link below for pictures! Ja Ne!

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