26 August 2011

Louie CK "Duckling"

I'm one of the soldiers on Louie's new episode on FOX. Watch me uuuwwwaaahhh

21 August 2011

Bartending Tweet

This is what bartending looks like •••®©•••

08 August 2011

Gang Violence

I am totally against gang violence or anything remotely related to the said topic. Gang violence died with the 90s. I mean it's 2011, we have an African-American POTUS, and yet we still find a way to let our hatred consume us. I think gang violence is a cop out, a cop out of responsibilities, a cop out of reality, and a cop out of being your own man. If somebody was really a gangster and wanted to fight and shoot the enemy, join the armed forces HOOAH, let's see how gangster thou art down range and in the suck. Another solution I have, is before gangs or any organized group of people want to face off and shoot each other or assert massive physical harm, just pick the two leaders or the two stingest men, "Troy style" (Achilles v. Boagrius), and let the winner of that brawl be the deciding factor. #foodforthought

05 August 2011

30 Day Training

Just completed my 30 day training at Ft. Lewis WA. Back to LA I go. Have a lot of interesting bookings lined up. Be prepared! Also check me out in Nickelodeon's show Victorious. The episode is called "Locked Up". I play a prisoner who dances, looks handsome, and has on purple chucks lol. S/O to Chuck Maldonado!

1000 abs

The Workout
-This workout is complete after 2 sets. One rotation is 500abs.
-Warm up: 30 min Cycle Bike (Own Pace).
-There is a 30-45 sec rest between every drill.
-"In Cadence" means "1" is counting "1,2,3,1"

50x "Sit-Ups"Level of Difficulty = Moderate
  • Position feet under something heavy.
  • Go all the way up and use stomach to go down, don't just fall back.

100x "Crunches"
Level of Difficulty = Moderate
  • Keep chin upward.
  • Keep nose towards ceiling.

50x "Up Downs" (In Cadence)

Level of Difficulty = Easy
  • Bend your back and touch your toes.
  • Unbend and touch your chest.
  • Lift your arms in the air.
  • Touch your chest again and that is "1".

50x "4 Count Burpie" (In Cadence)
Level of Difficulty = Hard

  • Get in "a frog's stance".
  • Kick your legs out into a push-up position.
  • Pull your legs back in, going back into a frog's position.
  • Stand up and that is "1".

50x "Baseball Drills" (Partner Assisted)
Level of Difficulty = Hard

  • Lay on your back.
  • Lift your legs upward so that they're vertical in the air.
  • Don't bend the knees.
  • Thrust your legs down to 6 inches.
  • Raise them back up and that is "1".

50 Flutter Kicks (In Cadence)Level of Difficulty = Moderate
  • Lay on back.
  • Place palms facing down on the ground under the buttocks.
  • Point your toes.
  • Count 1,2,3 and that is "1".
50 seconds of 6 inches (Or until it hurts)Level of Difficulty =Moderate
  • Keep the palms under the buttocks.
  • Go straight into this after the flutter kicks, no rest ;)

50 Iron MikesLevel of Difficulty = Easy
  • Stand.
  • Hands behind head.
  • Feet shoulder width.
  • Raise left knee to right elbow.
  • Simultaneously dropping right elbow to left knee.
  • Raise right knee to left elbow.
  • Simultaneously dropping left elbow to right knee.
  • That's "1".

50 ObliquesLevel of Difficulty =Easy
  • Side crunches.
  • 25 on the right.
  • 35 on the left.

Suck down some H2O

Alternates: (In case baseball drills and 4 count burpies are too hard on the 2nd set)
The Mountain Climber
The Rower
The Prone Row
Warm Down: 15 min Cycle Bike
DONE (^_^)

Protein Shake Recipe

2 scoops of your favorite vanilla flavored protein powder.
12 oz. unsweetened vanilla almond breeze almond milk.
Dash of ground cinnamon.
Shake, aggravate or agitate, or blend. Viola!

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