05 October 2010

By Limitless Entity

Within the last two months, Cyrah Hawkins has been fortunate enough to actively participate in some memorable events such as the Nike World Basketball Festival that occurred on August 23rd, 2010 at Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan, NY.  He performed as a dancer/stepper who worked alongside renowned choreographer Chuck Maldonado (the King of Step) and artistic director Marlene Clayman.  All-Star basketball players such as Lamar Odom and Rajan Rondo were in attendance for this event which was streamed live on facebook as well as ESPN2.
            On September 1st, 2010 he met Paula Abdul to present choreography for her the pilot of her TV dance show at Alley Kat Studios in Los Angeles, CA.  Paula definitely enjoyed the performance alongside choreographers for Michael Jackson.  Cyrah’s group member’s Otheus Manuel and Edwin Bennett of the Strikers All-Stars were also in attendance.  They had great conversations with Paula and learned a lot from her regarding dance and choreography.
            Cyrah was able to participate in another pilot docu-series entitled "Flashmob" by Napolean & Tabitha better known as "NappyTabs" for FOX network which features Howie Mandel, on September 12, 2010.  He was dressed up as a Chef, alongside five other Strikers, and caught mall patrons off guard when they began stepping.
            During the Nickelodean Fresh Beat Band Season finale on September 24, 2010, Cyrah was a principal dancer and stepper.  He was able to gain more expertise in step choreography by working with Chuck Maldonado.  He did this by learning new step routines which further perfected his craft. By booking this job, it allowed Cyrah to join The American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA). Cyrah was also able to work with some of today’s best dancers of which were also showcased in “Stomp the Yard” and “Step Up” movie series.  For Cyrah it’s very important to learn and progress as a dancer and choreographer and through his recent events he has been able to do just that! Be sure to look out for Cyrah featured in HOT new music video by a recording artist from HOTLANTA!

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