16 December 2010

Ciara "Gimme Dat" | Dancers | Lopez Tonight | 16 DEC 2010

Let me tell you, Ciara is a magical being. This is a list a adjectives for her: focused, energetic, spiritual, funny, beautiful, intellectual, etc....She is really a VIBRANT artist to be around. Any rumors you heard about her are totally falsified through this blog entry, I'm claiming it lol. I mean being around her while she was in work mode was fabulous, we even had a conversation about ATL and High School (She went to Henderson, and I went to SWD). I mean who does that? What artists shoots the shit with a lowly backup dancer lol, but nah she is genuinely a kindred spirit and I wish her the best. Check out the blog section of strikersallstars.com for video footage of me performing with her, and some group photos! #HOOAH #ROO #OHLEHDOIT #SPLACKSPLACK

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