08 August 2011

Gang Violence

I am totally against gang violence or anything remotely related to the said topic. Gang violence died with the 90s. I mean it's 2011, we have an African-American POTUS, and yet we still find a way to let our hatred consume us. I think gang violence is a cop out, a cop out of responsibilities, a cop out of reality, and a cop out of being your own man. If somebody was really a gangster and wanted to fight and shoot the enemy, join the armed forces HOOAH, let's see how gangster thou art down range and in the suck. Another solution I have, is before gangs or any organized group of people want to face off and shoot each other or assert massive physical harm, just pick the two leaders or the two stingest men, "Troy style" (Achilles v. Boagrius), and let the winner of that brawl be the deciding factor. #foodforthought

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