29 September 2009


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First of all RIP to Derrion Albert and my condolences go out to his family and friends. I am using this tragedy as an example to correlate the notion that Greeks are gangs. This is a statement that was made in the city of Tallahassee by several students who happen to be "anti-greek"or just ignorant to rich history that black greek lettered organizations represent and uphold. Now I'm not saying that BGLOs act uncivilized and thuggish at times, but as humans don't we all? BGLOs tend to be criticized more because we are held to a higher standard, and I do agree with the saying "with great power comes great responsibility". However, as long as I live I will never let any greek organization act like these Chicago hoods that took this young mans life. In human nature and in survival of any living being 101, war, rage, hatred, and anger are natural. My initial take on this accusation was the same as seeing Deltas shoot the Psi, or a white person calling me a nigger, I was angered...my buttons were pressed and I was ready to put on the boxing gloves and retaliate with a hateful retort. Thinking back to my upbringing and utilizing my experience and wisdom I decided to reply differently, with education of BGLOs, and my humble and biased opinion. However my efforts were to no avail as the young men and women (wish I could find the facebook convo) still reponded like assholes with comments like "I won this debate". To me it wasn't about winning, it was about getting my point across that Greeks are not Gangs, BGLOs can get out of hand at time, but they will not host an organizaed gangfight and kill each other nor innocents.

Only One OmegaMan with One OmegaOpinion,

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