29 September 2009


In America statistics say that a black kid is 3 1/2 times more likely to drown than a white kid. Most black kids grow up never learning how to swim. I myself have never taken swim classes, in fact the way I learned how to swim is from being thrown in the pool by my big cousins at Farquar park pool. Of course they weren't going to let me drown but it still was 3 1/2 times the chance than drowning from formal swimming lessons. It is said that the reason for these harsh statistics is from Black people's fear of water and our American past of desegregation of blacks in white pools. In 1971 integration of spring pools in America was in effect, that was 17 years after the integration of Schools. It is also said that blacks don't have buoyancy, but scientifically speaking a human can not float in it's live state, so this myth is null and void. Check the movie "Pride" (Thanks @MiaMck) starring Terrence Howard when you get a chance, and folks take your kids swimming.

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