14 September 2009


She was fined 10k, suspend her, people make mistakes get it over with. She is a lady and always has been. This is the second time she was tried in the US Open with this foolishness. All she said is that she felt like "shoving a ball down the line judges throat". Maybe she really did feel like that, she didn't say she was actually going to do it. How many times do we as Americans in the workplace say things to ourselves like "I just wanna punch him/her in the fucking face"....(some days we may slip and blurt it out....like Serena did) That line judge was full, let the CHAMP play, just like any other sport....boxing for example, you have to beat the champ, you don't call any petty penalties to help the challenger. It was a close call and Serena, the champ, should have been alotted an overturn on the call. It's been crazy athletes and coaches that make a career off of rage, Serena is not one, she is a lady and recognized her mistake.
Quoth Cyrah the Que nevermore
@serenawilliams that is some grade A bullshit from twidroid

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