22 September 2009


Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc., Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc., two well known, historic, and successful organizations that benefit mankind. Many assume and would say that these are "brother and sister" organizations, and refer to the relationship they share as "Coleman Love" because of the founders Frank Coleman and Edna Brown Coleman's marriage. I'll say this, this notion is falsified, null, and void. Nowhere in any history book, or ritualistic manual will it say that this is a fact. Coleman Love does not exist, it is a figment of a non-being entity that clouds the minds of the members of these organizations as to what their organizations are about. I've road tripped and been to different chapters who roll different ways with the Coleman Love factor. Some throw parties, some have seminars, and some set each other out with, food, socials, and sometimes even sex. I've been down to OZ @ UF and Lambda Psi set owt pizza, mac and cheese, and hawaiian punch for the bruhs. Then I've been to chapters like The Mighty US down in the valley and they had chicken on the grill and a barrel of Oil brewing in the shower. Now there are Deltas/Reds/Sawrahz for instance that do genuinely love and want to get to know Ques as brothers and friends. I've been down in Orlando for the 49th convention of DST to go to a OBU party hosted by Russell Drake and got put in a resort with Ashley Poole the tail 06 from DXi out of Fayetteville State Univ and some of her line sisters. To me, one Omega Man with One Omega opinion, that is not "Coleman Love", that is just love, Ashley was such a nice person I believe I could've been a regular buddy and got housed, clothed, and fed. On the other hand the main reason I met Ashley/Ruby Red is because I am Da Bruhz. I know I'm going on tangents here, but I have to make this point. I only like those that like me, for instance when I meet Reds, and they try and hug me and introduce themselves and then that's it, not talk, not ever want to communicate with me ever agin in life (but say the know me, met me, and came to my chapter) I'm not with that. I haze. I like to get to know a muthafucka (excuse the language but I'm passionate about friendship). I like to know what somebodies real name is, not a line name, or what the Reds or Bruhz call you, or what you want to be known as....what if yo black ass gets arrested and we gotta bail you out, what if a family member is looking for you and we don't know your real name? How could you really get to know somebody if you don't even know their real name??? Back to the crux of the matter; In fact, only divine nine members that are constitutionally bound are the members of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc., and Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. The Alphas and AKAs are not for really, and the Kappas and SGRhos are not for really...The Iotas have sweets. Before I delve into NoQ or the recent Up Psi-BA Coleman Love relationship, let's talk about me...this is my blog after all. For the fall 2008, spring 2009 school year I served as parliamentarian for the FAMU chapter of the national pan-hellenic council. The president was my Alpha buddy Jeremy Mounticure, and in many meetings it would be us and about 4 other members present. I was an advocate for NPHC unity the entire year; choreographing an NPHC step performance and along with my Striker brother Brandon Mitchell who is an Alpha we made an NPHC stroll, and performed both at the "meet the greeks" showcase. Along with Jeremy we ran meetings and were about business. I set aside my Omega pride and it was almost as if I was an abolitionist for the freedom of Greek unity. I organized, planned, and hosted the NPHC awards banquet and social and had everybody in there vibing and some wasted. The AKAs apologized to me for stealing nalia, I was on the mic and shouted out the Kappas who are suspended, and I nixed the bruhz from hopping/wrecking. What more is a guy to do? Oh ok, I know what I did, I, along with my ism from 09BA Dominique Bercy started "The Nation of Quelta", a name inadvertently devised by Cendino Teme of Chi Theta. NoQ is comprised of a 7 member group, 2 bruhs and 5 reds that hang owt, don't have sex with one another, and protects each other from things like falsified info, bad mouthing, etc...This small club of people benefit the commonly misused link between the two orgs so that commo is better, therefore it stimulates the potential of the two separate orgs that the members are comprised of. Just like anything with great potential, "folks gone hate", NoQ is not hurting, nor disrespecting anything, it's helping. Deltas and Ques have been "trickfucking" and screwing each other since 1913, here we are in 2009 trying to put something positive together, the Nation of Quelta, and people are already trying to knock it. Knock Bruhrors, knock Delta Beuxs, knock Candy Bunnies, knock Cold Ducks, but in the words of Katt Williams "This shit right here....." you can't knock it. It is 100% pure love, it's positive, it's beneficial.

Only One OmegaMan, With One OmegaOpinion

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