22 September 2009


So I was on twitter and seen that someone put a shout out on there about a service fraternity called Alpha Phi Omega, the thing is they referred to them as "AphiQ". This is a problem, The Greek letter Omega would actually be an English "W", the Men of Omega Psi Phi are known as "The Que Dogs", therefore we are the "Ques". It has a deeper meaning than just saying "Que". We wear gold boots for a reason, not just because it's cute. You'll find other organizations trying to emulate the Ques/ Da Bruhs/ Da Bruhz/ The Bruhs/ Omegas by wearing spray painted boots, wearing fatigues, licking their tongue out and trying to hop march and bark. My point of this whole blog is to let the brothers of Omega Psi Phi know that imitation is the highest form of flattery, and we shouldn't be as offended (especially as a neophyte with full enthusiasm) when people from other orgs try and emulate us. After all our not for really sister organization of Delta Sigma Theta, shoots the hooks hops marches and barks.....which leads me to my next blog.

Only one Omega Man with one Omega opinion,

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  1. Bruh, the name A-Phi-Que is older than you are. Alpha Phi Omega is a service frat and are not greek. I was an APO before I became a Que. They are harmless to the bruhs. There more serious issues concerning Omega. Like why do bruhs have so much hostility towards each other instead of "dwelling together in unity".


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